Offset printing 

Our modern high-quality printing shop makes use of the newest and most advanced technology. Offset printing is often the cheapest solution when producing large amounts of materials. We can print in CMYK colours; pantone colours and use various varnish effects. From prepress to post press we employ the most competent specialists in the country, who make sure your needs are the centre of attention at every step of the process.

The world’s most advanced offset printing technology

Our offset printing shop is based on the newest technology from 2016. Amongst other machines a Heidelberg XL 106 with automatic colour management. With an intelligent workflow between all our Heidelberg machines, which are the most advanced in the world, we produce 18,000 prints per hour in the highest quality.

Quality & pre-flight check

Our printers automatically control the quality on every 6th print – and we check all the files by running them through a pre-flight check programme, which for example makes sure that pictures with too low resolution are not used, that colours not on the scale are not chosen, and that the cropping of the pages is not forgotten. Quality is our main focus throughout the process.

State of the art technology

Johnsen has built an unparalleled graphic workflow based on Heidelberg’s superior technology. In practise, this means that we have an efficient overview of all our in-house processes and that we can continuously optimise the production in order to maintain a competitive price level. We do quality assurance on our production in a time where others cut corners.

Eco-friendly printed matter

We always strive to advice our customers on the best solutions – also when it concerns the environment. As one of Denmark’s leading printing houses Johnsen Graphic Solutions A/S is very focused on the environmental impact of the materials being produced in-house. Our position is clear – we are and will continue to be at the cutting edge of the environmental issues.

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