Large format print 

Our large format print production has a big capacity with advanced UV printers. We produce, among other things, displays, signs, foil, posters, and banners. We print on both rolls and directly on all kinds of plate materials. We can print in sizes up to 320 cm in width, in continuous lengths and in a thickness up to 5 cm. We produce all kinds of in-store materials.

Agfa Jeti Mira 2732 HS UV printer

The UV printer can print directly on many different materials – in large formats. And it is less expensive than you would imagine. Because with the newest digital technology we can produce small, differentiated editions, and the possibilities are almost without limits: Everything from shop fittings to large posters.

  • Agfa Jeti Mira 2732 HS UV printer
  • 3.2 meters in six colours + white and varnish
  • The vacuum control ensures a high print quality on all materials
  • Can change between rolls and sheets with up to 227 m2 per hour
  • Print width: 269x320 cm
  • Thickness of materials: up to 5 cm.

Agfa Anapurna M3200iRTR

Agfa Anapurna is a roll printer, which means that all materials are on rolls. The possibilities are numerous since we can print on everything from paper to metal foil, adhesive film for streamers, mesh for banners, wind- and water-resistant materials as well as transparent materials suitable for sticking on, for example, shop windows. The roll printer has a printing speed of up to 130 m2 per hour with a roll width of up to 3.2 m and unlimited length. It can print in six UV colours: cmyk, light cyan and light magenta.

Routing and cutting

Our Zünd cutters are digitally controlled and can cut and rout in almost all materials. The machines can cut through thick materials such as cardboard, plastic and fabrics, which paves the way for innumerable possibilities that do not exist on a regular cutting plotter. This production method is both cost-saving and makes it possible to create unique constructions for effective marketing initiatives. 

Banner production 

Let your imagination run wild! We can print in a width of 250 cm – and several banners can of course be sewn together to achieve the exact width you need. The length is unlimited. Our banners are delivered with integrated round bars to ensure easy, stable and durable installation. Our banners are of a high quality and can be used both inside and outside. We can deliver different qualities, for example fire-resistant banners, cf. B1-norm.2


Do you need a low-cost but effective way to attract the attention of your customers and get them to go to a specific product or area of the shop, or do you want your stand to be different from the rest at the trade show? Then roll-ups are the obvious choice, providing you with ample opportunities for getting your messages out. We can produce roll-ups in many different sizes and qualities, making it possible to meet your precise needs. And on top of this you can use them again and again because they are easy to pack up and store without taking up a lot of space.

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