Promotional and national flags as well as flag garlands can boost your marketing efforts at a very affordable price, and there are many options to choose from in terms of sizes and motifs. We are one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of paper flags, flag garlands and many other kinds – and we are the only one to produce food approved flags.

National flags

National flags – or cheering flags as they are also called – contribute to the cheerful atmosphere, when there is something to celebrate or emphasise! Are you celebrating a birthday or anniversary in your store? Are you hosting an Oktoberfest for your customers? Is there are French theme in your wine department? Then national flags are an obvious and cheap way to make festive decorations. We always have a lot of different varieties in stock, and if you need to get something special produced, we are ready to help you.

See specifications below.

Promotional flags

Flags are an effective and price friendly way to bring focus to something. So, market your company with flags that send the right message to your customers. You can get them in many different sizes and with all kinds of motifs on them, for example your logo or something matching a certain theme. And naturally your flags do not need to be rectangular – you can get them in all shapes, so they perfectly suit your specific needs.

See specifications below.

Cake toppers

Cake toppers are the perfect way to decorate food for special occasions, where your customers or guests are offered some light refreshments. We are the only manufacturer of food approved flags in Europe, which means you get a good price without any price-raising intermediaries.
And of course, we can produce flags with all kinds of motifs, making it easy for you to get your specific celebrations started perfectly.

See specifications below.

National flags, promotional flags and cake toppers

National flags are made on 90-gram Nordic Eco-label offset paper, which is melted onto plastic sticks without the use of glue.

Promotional flags are made on 130-gram Nordic Eco-label offset paper, which is melted onto plastic sticks without the use of glue.

Paper flags are provided in the following sizes on food approved plastic or wooden sticks with a diameter of 4 mm:
A6 – 100 x 130 mm on 300 mm stick
A5 – 145 x 190 mm on 390 mm stick
A4 – 200 x 270 mm on 475 mm stick
A4 national flags made in plastic – 200 x 270 mm on 475 mm stick.

Cake toppers – 30 x 48 mm on 75 mm food approved plastic stick.

The plastic sticks used for cake toppers are approved for use in food.

When choosing a wooden stick, the flags are glued on using food approved glue.

Wooden sticks are cut from beech or oak, which ensures the best durability.

The flags can be supplied in different pack sizes.
Our delivery time is usually 4 workdays, when the product is in stock.

Flag garlands

Flag garlands catch the eyes of your customers, making it possible for you to create a high impact for a low price in stores, at trade shows, events, celebrations – just give your imagination free reins. So, if you need to create more traffic in a certain area, flag garlands are a clear-cut solution.

Flag garlands

Paper garlands are delivered in the following sizes:

A6 garland – 100 x 130 mm with 10 flags, 10 cm gap on 2 m line
A5 garland – 145 x 190 mm with 10 flags, 15 cm gap on 2.8 m line
A4 garland – 200 x 270 mm with 10 flags, 20 cm gap on 4 m line

There is 0.5 m extra line in each end of the garland for fastening.

A4 garlands are also provided with the following national flags in the above measurements:

Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Sweden, USA, and Germany.

All garlands are delivered individually packaged in plastic bags.

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