Digital print 

The newest digital printing technology makes it possible to produce quality prints in all volumes with variable data and ultra-short deadlines. We print, mail merge and envelope your direct mail campaigns.

First quality

With our HP Indigo you come as close to offset printing as possible but with all the digital advantages and variable data. HP Indigo technology is digital offset with the most advanced digital colour system. The machine has a rubber blanket and impression cylinder like a traditional offset printing machine.

Heidelberg Printer

Linoprint from Heidelberg is a fantastic supplement to our digital printing department with its fast design and a minimal waste of paper misprints. Linoprint can print in four cmyk colours as well as white and varnish in order to give the finished product a nice finish. It can print in formats up to 700x300 mm, and there are many materials to choose between, for example paper, label sheets and synthetic materials for wind- and water-resistant use. Furthermore, it can print and staple limited editions up to an A4 size.

Agfa Anapurna M3200iRTR

Agfa Anapurna is a roll printer, which means that all materials are on rolls. The possibilities are numerous since we can print on everything from paper to metal foil, adhesive film for streamers, mesh for banners, wind- and water-resistant materials as well as transparent materials suitable for sticking on, for example, shop windows. The roll printer has a printing speed of up to 130 m2 per hour with a roll width of up to 3.2 m and unlimited length. It can print in six UV colours: cmyk, light cyan and light magenta.

Agfa Jeti Mira 2732 HS UV printer

The UV printer can print directly on many different materials – in large formats. And it is less expensive than you would imagine. Because with the newest digital technology we can produce small, differentiated editions, and the possibilities are almost without limits: Everything from shop fittings to large posters.

  • Agfa Jeti Mira 2732 HS UV printer
  • 3.2 meters in six colours + white and varnish
  • The vacuum control ensures a high print quality on all materials
  • Can change between rolls and sheets with up to 227 m2 per hour
  • Print width: 269x320 cm
  • Thickness of materials: up to 5 cm.

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