We have a methodical approach, which helps us develop and strengthen your communication and branding. With respect for the existing identity, we define your brand’s communicative DNA, a strong basis communication, that can create the foundation for a visual identity and a creative universe. This provides a solid foundation for the company’s sales- and marketing activities.

The communications hierarchy 

The groundwork has to be in order. Following a thorough analysis, we create the communicative foundation for your brand. We use a “checklist”, that we call the communications hierarchy. Here, we look at the vital, fundamental levels of the branding – the basis communication. This tells us what the brand really is and how it contributes to the market. This may seem elementary, but it is vital in getting your customers to understand your business and buy into it.

The Brand Essence model

Our methodical approach entails that we always use the Brand Essence model to map the brand or its future profile. With the Brand Essence model, we look into eight predetermined factors, which define the brand. Lastly, we conclude on and concretise the brand’s future communicative DNA. This is often translated into a brand promise, which can be used in the external communication.

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