Welcome to Johnsen's digital universe

To follow is a list of the options our digital universe has to offer. All the various digital services and tools our customers can have access to. Get in touch with your contact for access to the full range of exciting services in our digital universe.


On-line proofing and final approval tool to ensure a systematic and logged function for the graphical proofing and approval process.   

Remote Access

Access to and full details of your printing jobs. Heavy users of our printworks can obtain access to administer their own jobs.


Configure your own print jobs using predefined templates. Order, reorder, edit etc. We run pool print runs several times a week. Pool printing means that your job is printed along with other similar jobs, sharing the costs of startup, plates etc.   

Mustering system

Campaign mustering system which can be fully integrated into your Purchasing Department, and supply extracts for special offer newspapers, brochures, product inserts and websites.

Image Bank

Image database with lots of options for metadata tracking and integration with other systems. You define the file format you want to download images in.

Stock Web

We provide warehouse space and a portal for your print jobs, campaign materials and promotional articles.  

Marketing Portal

The chain's own marketing portal allowing individual stores to quickly and simply set up advertisements, posters etc. Integrated with the image database.


Select a range of 12 gift options for your staff, and let them log in and choose themselves. We pack them, attach a name label and send them in a batch. Allow your customers to earn bonus points and give them access to exclusive Danish design products. Back-end system for details of point status, statistics etc.   

File delivery

Easy and simple upload of PDF files, images, illustrations and other documents related to working with Johnsen Graphic Solutions. Get in touch with your contact for a login. We will set up a folder for you, and send login details.   

Gifts / promotional articles

More than 30,000 exciting gift, promotional and merchandise articles.   

Flere cases

Flere cases

Flere cases
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