Regardless of whether you need gifts for employees, customers or business associates, Johnsen Graphic Solutions offers the most exciting and extensive selection, including top brands, superior wines and chocolate, plus a high quality and up to the minute clothes collection. We've got our finger on the pulse and take the time and effort to find the right products with genuine value and usefulness.


We help to select the perfect company gifts, and will of course pack and ship them. We have webshops for Christmas and reception gifts, staff and as a personnel benefit, as well as a customer bonus club. Get in touch with your Johnsen contact for more details or a demo.


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Online gifts - let your staff choose themselves

A Gaveweb solution allows your staff to choose their own favourites. We have selected a wide range of excellent gifts based on current trends and popularity, but we can put together a selection just for you according to your specifications. All you have to do is stipulate a price range - and only you know the price of the individual gifts. We take care of the rest.


Your company's personal Gaveweb can feature your logo and a background of your own choice. The gift page will show a list of all the gifts your staff can choose from - without prices. Your staff - or even customers - will receive a card from your company and a password to Gaveweb, after which they can choose their own favourite gift.