A new logo can rarely be used alone - it needs to be part of a visual identity, reflecting the profile of the business.


One of Denmark's leading suppliers of contract furniture, Møbel-Gruppen, based in Holbæk, chose Johnsen to develop a new visual identity consisting of logo, letterhead and implementation of a new website. The aim was to strengthen visibility with a corporate image signalling positive values, create a recognisable profile and ensure a consistent theme: simple, original and timeless.


Design is often a customer's first encounter with the company, and its logo, typography, colour scheme, photo style and other graphical form elements comprise its visual brand. Previously, letterhead and business cards were the most important elements in a company's branding, and the printed media set the agenda for visual identity. Websites are usually the most important medium nowadays. That's why dynamism, movement, experience and variations in design can be incorporated, and subsequently adapted to the printed media.


More details on visual identity.

Flere cases

Flere cases

Flere cases
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