Who do you call when you want a large scale promotion pack for an Irish cheese on the German market?


The campaign for "Dairy Gold" is an excellent example of a type of job in which Johnsen's competences really came into their own. With nine different campaign elements, including flag garlands, brochures and displays, the customer would normally have had to deal with several different suppliers.


We undertake all aspects in-house, which means an extra guarantee that everything will be done on time and at the right level of quality.


All the campaign elements came from the customer's advertising bureau, and after review and checking, the print artwork was put into the queue for the 5-colour offset machines, flag garlands were assembled at a specialist workshop, displays were cut out and campaign information was printed at our print centre. The entire campaign kit was assembled, packed and shipped from Grenaa to a large number of German distribution centres.


More details on promotion packs and campaign kits.

Flere cases

Flere cases

Flere cases
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