Once upon a time, it was about spending just 5 minutes more ... - Johnsen used a bit longer than that to create a range of promotional materials for the Fakta supermarket chain. Johnsen Graphic Solutions designed the layout for the special offer newspapers and wide range of advertisements. Strategy, graphics, image database and project management were also key elements of the job.


Fakta report that the number of customers already exceeds what its owners Coop had expected, and that individual sales value is also high. Around 50% of turnover consists of the classic border shopping goods, the other 50% is groceries sold to German and Danish shoppers in the two Fakta supermarkets at Harrislee and Aventoft.


If the trend continues, the Harrislee store will reach the same level of sales this year achieved by Coop Denmark's biggest Danish outlets. Sales will reach around DKK 300 million - the figure only the biggest Kvickly superstores reach in Denmark.


More details on special offer newspaper layout.


Flere cases

Flere cases

Flere cases
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