Inspiration, inspiration and inspiration: d-line's new website is experience-oriented, with picture-based information for architects and property developers. The need for stimulating feelings and focusing exclusively on the heavier, technical details should not be underestimated. The architectural details form the basis of the aesthetic comprehensive solution and a new building project consists of extensive prioritisation concerning choice of materials, including d-line's wide range of products. That's why it is important to be able to imagine what the range looks like in a constructed visualisation.


The d-line range is designed by the highly-acclaimed architect Knud Holscher, famous for such work as his specially-designed stroller for the Fiat and Pantone ranges.


Our job was to design an interface with an integrated product catalogue with numerous filtering options, to enable the viewer to explore using an advanced tool box: 3D bathroom scenarios not only give creative inspiration, but also the opportunity of a detailed product description.


More details on web solutions.

Flere cases

Flere cases

Flere cases
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