we are ambitious, including for our customers

Nature and the world's resources are under pressure. We therefore focus on 'resource efficiency' and 'circular economics' regarding the way we work for our customers - and within our own business in dialogue with our suppliers. The concept of 'circular economics' unites our ambitions for the environment with responsibility for the world around us, healthy growth and the ambitions we have for our customers.


We ensure that the printed materials we produce are largely recycled to become new paper and cardboard, which we buy and use again. To further reduce our resource consumption, save time and cost for our customers, suppliers and ourselves, we have developed a range of digital solutions, which support our print jobs and can be used on their own.


Johnsen is a business which believes that sustainability is a fundamental value in everything we do. We use FSC paper and recycled paper wherever possible. We limit and recycle our own shredded paper. We are a DONG climate partner and most of the energy we use is from sustainable sources. We were only the second printer in Denmark to be EMAS III certified - because we want to run as sustainable a business as possible.


See our certifications here

Flere cases

Flere cases

Flere cases
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