We will support the chain all the way around


We are part of the process at the point where there is most value.
Our retail concept is modular, allowing individual or multiple selection according to needs. There are no two retail chains which are alike. But effective, cost-conscious management often requires thinking in terms of modules, adapted to individual markets and particular requirements.


Campaign idea and concept
Creative proposal
Campaign planning
Graphic production
Packing and warehouse capacity
Marketing portal
Distribution to the stores
Online stock system
Mustering system
Online brand shop
Digital information system

The concept

Wide-ranging concept aimed at retail

Focused tightly on retail chain marketing, the Johnsen Retail Concept is based on modules we put together and adapt to individual chains or brands. A dedicated customer team provides reassurance for expanding the concept when relevant. Our solutions are based on in-depth insight, and we will obtain the necessary knowledge of you and your business. Regardless of whether we work together, we will always strive to make a difference. That's how we justify our existence - that's what drives us onwards.